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Trust is weaponised in 'To Love A Narcissist': our second feature-length obsessive love story since our first, 'Transference', went viral. Charlotte and Roberto are in love. One of them is a covert narcissist. 'To Love A Narcissist' is a resonant story for our times that blurs the lines between love and deceit and will leave you wondering whether authenticity exists.

Our first feature-length dramatic film, a bipolar love story, won the Jury Award from the New York Socially Relevant Film Festival (SRFF) and received global attention after going viral on YouTube. It has now been viewed over 23 million times.

Transference (2019)
Our BIFA nominated first feature-length film is a satire of the indie filmmaking world shot in a mockumentary style. 'Flim' was nominated for the Raindance Award for Best British Debut at The MOËT British Independent Film Awards in 2014.

'Little Boxes' was shot entirely on Zoom during the UK’s longest and toughest lockdown. The film has picked up a slew of awards wins and nominations from indie film festivals. Contro Vento is proud to collaborate with and support the talent, inclusivity and vision of ActorTribe.

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The Other Side Of My Sleep
A displaced Italian family struggle with cultural differences and the need to belong. 'The Other Side of My Sleep' is a poignant half-hour drama that is both touching and often funny as it explores the complexities of voluntary euthanasia. 

Our experimental short film 'Transference' depicted bipolar disorder through a blend of contemporary dance, poetry, music and acting and inspired our feature-length film. 

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Our powerful short film on human trafficking: 'No Way Home – Stop the Traffick' was shown at the United Nations after winning the UN award for 'Expose' in conjunction with CNN and International World Freedom Day.

This dramatic short film directed by Raffaello Degruttola in collaboration with Freida Films presents an evocative and timely story told through the eyes of one lonely boy who battles with the emotional trauma of an incarcerated parent.

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