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To Love A Narcissist

Trust is Weaponised

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This is it! We are making our second obsessive love story since 'Transference: A Love Story' smashed the glass ceiling of 23 MILLION VIEWS on YouTube!


'To Love A Narcissist' is our first dramatic feature film since 'Transference' went viral. Once again, BIFA-nominated director Raffaello Degruttola brings complex characters and a much maligned and misunderstood mental health condition (Narcissistic Personality Disorder) to life in gut-punching, heart-stopping ways that maximise suspense but steer clear of gratuitous sensationalism.

Charlotte and Roberto are in love.
One of them is a covert narcissist.


Trust is weaponised in 'To Love a Narcissist': a taut and compelling obsessive love story that blurs the lines between love and deceit. The film portrays the delicate interplay orchestrated by the secret narcissist. Layers of manipulation and aching vulnerability are exposed until the fragility of trust is swallowed by the enduring impact of betrayal. 'To Love A Narcissist' is a resonant story for our times that will leave you wondering whether authenticity exists.
'To Love A Narcissist' stars Lindsey Marshal alongside Raff in a magnetic performance of extraordinary depth. The stellar supporting cast includes Sule Rimi, Stephen Campbell Moore and Andrea Lowe. Contro Vento Films is pleased to welcome Sadie Frost to the Contro Vento family as a producer. She joins Raff and Sadie KayeBill Bossert and Lindsey Marshal are executive producers. You can download our pitch deck here.
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