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The Other side Of My Sleep

Director / Actor Raffaello Degruttola

Teresa wants to die. She's done everything a good catholic woman is meant to do and taught her children well the old fashioned Italian ways.

Now it's her time and she longs to be reunited with her husband. She's tired of living. Tired of her deathbed and the indignity of illness and old age.

But why have they dragged her back from heaven? Don't they understand, he's waiting for her.

Each dream takes her a little closer...

This poignant half hour drama is both touching and often funny as it explores the complexities of voluntary euthanasia. Set in North London, this displaced Italian family struggle with the cultural differences and the need to belong.

Our feisty Italian grandmother is not easy to love. Her age, experience and ill health has liberated her from the confines of politeness. Now she longs to be liberated from this mortal coil. But are her bickering children Marco and Maria ready?

'THE OTHER SIDE OF MY SLEEP' see the film here
Contro Vento Films

'THE OTHER SIDE OF MY SLEEP' see the film here

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