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Raffaello Degruttola

Raffaello is a BIFA-nominated filmmaker and actor born and raised in London and New York by Italian parents. He attended the Sylvia Young Theatre School and the Lee Strasberg Theatre Institute in London. He has worked as a character actor in American films shot in Europe. In 2019 he appeared with Rebel Wilson in 'The Hustle'. His most recent television roles include playing Jamie's agent in 'Ted Lasso'.
Notable film acting credits include:
  • Saving Private Ryan (Steven Spielberg)
  • Rush (Ron Howard)
  • Unlocked (Michael Apted) 
  • The Hustle (Chris Addison)
  • In Love and War (Richard Attenborough)
  • Wit (Mike Nichols)

In 2010 he wrote and directed his first 30min drama The Other Side of My Sleep, inspired by the death of his father and grandmother. Following the film's success in opening the Boston Film Festival, Raffaello went on to shoot his first feature film Flim The Movie - shooting for one day a week over 18 months whilst constructing the story around improvisation to influence the next scene. 
Flim The Movie was nominated for a Moet British Independent Film Award following its selection for the Raindance Film Festival and The NYC Independent Film Festival.

Heavily influenced by the Danish Dogme 95 rules of film making, Italian Neo Realism and NY cinema of the 70's & 80's, Raffaello went on to write and direct his second feature film, a psychological love story that tackles the corrosion of a relationship due to concealed and unresolved mental health issues. 
Transference: A Love Story was selected for the Arizona and Buenos Aires International Film Festival. It won the Jury Award from the SRFF, NYC. The film received international attention after going viral on YouTube. It has now been viewed over 22M times.
His latest feature film 'To Love A Narcissist' is his second obsessive love story and stars Lyndsey Marshal alongside him.
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