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Bill Bossert

Bill entered the world of independent filmmaking starting with co-writing and producing the Canadian horror film, Terror of Dracula in 2011. Following that, he helped produce the popular and award-winning web-series, Girl/Girl Scene and became involved with indie rock bands Hunter Valentine and The Cliks. 
Bill met Raff Degruttolla during the making of the feature, Seeking Dolly Parton and re-united with Raff in 2020 as creative/executive producer of Transference: A Love Story. It was during the filming of Transference that Bill was asked to join Contro Vento Films. Aside from Contro Vento, Bill has helped in the production of several short films in the last two years, among them Bobby Jaws, The Love You Want Exists, Notice to Quit, Type Till You Bleed and Swipe Right.

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